PURA. Purism In Antiquity: Theories Of Language in Greek Atticist Lexica and their Legacy

Lexicographic entries


1. General abbreviations

  • MS, MSS: Manuscript, manuscripts.
  • re. In texts such as “Ar. fr. 353 = Antiatt. α 40: re. ἀμεινόνως”, it refers to those erudite texts that are the source of a locus classicus which overlaps with the quoting source.

2. Ancient authors

The names and works of ancient authors are abbreviated according to LSJ and DGE, except for:

  • Aeschylus: Aesch. (not A.)
  • Antiatticist: Antiatt. (not Lex.Antiatt.)
  • Apollonius Dyscolus: Apoll.Dysc. (not A.D.)
  • Apollonius Rhodius: Apoll.Rh. (not A.R.)
  • Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Antiquitates Romanae: D.H. Ant. Rom.
  • Euripides: Eur. (not E.)
  • Hymni Homerici: quoted in the format H.Hom.Merc., H.Hom.Cer., etc.
  • Josephus: Ios. (not J.)
  • Phrynichus’ Eclogue: Phryn. Ecl.
  • Scholia: all abbreviated with “Schol.” + abbreviation of author
  • Sophocles: Soph. (not S.)
  • Sophocles’ Ajax: Ai. (not Aj.)
  • Suda: Su. for Suid.
  • Thucydides: Thuc. (not Th.)

For the authors not included in LSJ and DGE, including Byzantine authors, we give the extended name of the author and the work.

3. Papyri and inscriptions

For papyri we follow the abbreviations of the Checklist of Papyri.info.

For inscriptions we follow the List of Abbreviations of Editions and Works of Reference for Alphabetic Greek Epigraphy (GrEpiAbbr) of the AIEGL – Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine, except for:

  • ID = Inscriptions de Délos. 7 vols. Paris, 1926−1972.
    (Vol. 6 [1]: Nos. 1−88. Plassart, A. (ed.). 1950; Vol. 7 [2]. Nos. 89−10433. Coupry, J. (ed.). 1972; Vol. 1 [3]: Nos. 290−371. Durrbach, F. (ed.). 1926; Vol. 2 [4]: Nos. 372−509. Durrbach, F. (ed.). 1929; Vol. 3 [5]: Nos. 1400−96. Durrbach, F.; Roussel, P. (eds.). 1935; Vol. 4 [6]: Nos. 1497−2219. Roussel, P.; Launey, M. (eds.). 1937; Vol. 5 [7]: Nos. 2220−879, Roussel, P.; Launey, M. (eds.). 1937).

For the editions not included in GrEpiAbb we use the following abbreviations:

  • CPI = Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions (http://cpi.csad.ox.ac.uk).
  • DTA = Wünsch, R. Defixionum tabellae Atticae. Berlin, 1897.
  • Forschungen in Salona = Abramić, M.; Egger, R.; Gerber, W.; Bulić, F.; Dyggve, E. Forschungen in Salona. 3 vols. Vienna, 1917–1939.
  • Funerary Stelae Kom Abou Billou = Hooper, F. A. Funerary Stelae from Kom Abou Billou. Ann Arbor, 1961.
  • IMT Kyz Kapu Dağ = Barth, M.; Stauber, J. (eds.) Inschriften Mysia & Troas. ‘Mysia, ‘Kyzikene, Kapu Dağ’’. Los Altos, CA, 1993 (https://inscriptions.packhum.org/book/709?location=1656).
  • IMT Skam/NebTäler = Barth, M.; Stauber, J. (eds.) Inschriften Mysia & Troas. ‘Troas, ‘Skamander und Nebentäler’’. Los Altos, CA, 1993 (https://inscriptions.packhum.org/book/718?location=1631).
  • RECAM = Mitchell, S. Regional Epigraphic Catalogues of Asia Minor. Vol. 2. The Ankara District. The Inscriptions of North Galatia. With the assistance of David French and Jean Greenhalgh. Oxford, 1982.

For both inscriptions and papyri, Arabic numerals are used instead of Roman numerals, and a comma separates a volume and its fascicle (e.g. IG 12,2.1 = volume 12, fascicle 2, inscription number 1).

4. Bibliographical abbreviations

AO = Cramer, J. A. Anecdota Graeca e codd. manuscriptis bibliothecarum Oxoniensium. 4 vols. Oxford, 1835–1837.

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